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5/4/05 11:38 pm - For lack of anything better to write

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4/30/05 04:31 pm - Summer

So...I was kind of un-excited about the idea of doing the whole "second job" thing at Cosí this summer, but my lack of motivation to study has lead me to discover two really great things about working there.

One is that after five, it also turns into a bar, and later hours=more hours=more money... and alcohol=bigger bills=bigger tips= more money. Plus, now I can aquire a knowledge of wines and things of that sort. So I like it.

Number two, employees get free fancy coffee drinks while they are working, and 1/2 off on anything when they are not. Which is good, because coffee is expensive.

So basically, working there will teach me to be a hostess, a waitress, and a "barista," so if I ever find myself in LA trying to become an actress I can get a better day job then all the other actresses. And if not, it means I could work at the one here in EL next year and not have to work at the damn cafeteria.

Ew, the caf.

4/30/05 01:47 pm - SHIT

I owed our free movie rental place $2.00 for late fees. They sent me an email about how they will be open Friday and Saturday, today. And if you dont pay on time, they increase is to $20. But, I am a dumbass, and didn't read the email/the contract I signed enough. Because as it turns out, the $2 was due YESTERDAY, and now it is today, and I have to pay $20. They are open today for the people who come in to pay $20.

Stupid misleading email. Stupid contracts.

4/28/05 08:28 pm - Where oh where is the OC?

I don't like it when people who hate Bush refuse to watch him speak because they hate him. The guy does happen to be president. I mean, just because a few moments ago he called liquid natural gas a "solid form" doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to what he's got to say about the energy crisis. I'd say it's relevant.

4/25/05 01:18 am - Ugh

Tonight my whole family went to the Elton John concert. But not me. They did not purchase a ticket for me because they didnt want to drive me back up to school on a Sunday night. That is the reason.

I think I am getting sick. Finals are next week. Shit.

But, on a better note, we had to take down the loft, and with the current arrangement of the room, I have the bottom bunk, with the top bunk elevated higher than normal, so I have plenty of space to lounge around on my couch-level bed, which also has full access to all my food, the fridge, the microwave, a light, a nightstand, my clock, the window, a trash can, and full view of the t.v. I swear, I will never, ever leave my bed. There is no reason to. Today, I sat leaning up against the corner watching SVU for 2 straight hours, and Taylor was on the futon and just kept handing me candy. It was great.

Ok, bedtime. My immune system needs all the help it can get.

4/24/05 01:16 am - Last night of partying...wow.

So, tonight I conveniently had to work at the listening ear till midnight. Upon returning to my room, I was greeted at the door by Taylor grinding all over me, Jen trying to sleep right in the middle of the floor, 6 empty liquor bottles by her head, their boyfriends and their friends playing poker for animal crackers, lights on, fiddy blasting. Quite a scene.

4/22/05 10:43 am - goddam new-fangled internet

I am TRYING to do my homework that is due in 2 hours, but I can't because the stupid website I have to print it from says "FORBIDDEN" when I go there!


They are reeeally good at making the last class of the week cause me too much stress. And is is entirely unnecessary, because when I get there, I am just going to sit there for 50 minutes and stare at my Mexican T.A. while she makes awkward comments like, "'Espero que mi novio...' Anybody? What do you want your boyfriend to do? Joe? What do you want your girlfriend to do? Kiss you? HAHA!! Ha! Ha...ha..."

Seriously, it is so awkward.

4/14/05 02:11 pm - Nothin like the hunt for a used car...

We need another car. I want a Jetta more than life, but I am thinking a Civic or Corolla makes more sense. It has to be cute because I will likely get it after college. A good deal is a must.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

4/13/05 01:08 am - I love pie.

I realized tonight that Faygo Diet Key Lime Pie pop is probobly the greatest invention since pump-up high-top sneaker. It actually tastes like the fucking pie. Screw all you who try to be fancy with your goofy Jones Soda, thinking you are too good for Faygo, because I have yet to find a Jones Soda that tastes like a pie.

Seriously though, if everyone just tasted this shit, Michigan would soon be blingin' rich.

4/12/05 01:03 am - I hope my State friends have never read this.

I wish something interesting would happen to me.
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